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The short video referenced below was taken at a recent public train show by a friend of the chapter, Isaac Lezcano.  It follows several train consists as they make their way around the club layout.   Thanks to Isaac!

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The following pictures were taken at a recent showing and are presented along with some facts, noting the primary builder. You will want to come see the actual display at the next train show in order to fully appreciate the attention to detail that club members are so very proud of!

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Zeke Sampson built an end-loop for the club layout that depicts a coal tipple where trains traversing the back portion of the layout may turn and head back towards the front. The module and its’ abutter were modified in 2015 to eliminate the triple turnout and accommodate double-track running. See the second picture for the change.

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Jeff and Chris Koellmer built an electrical power substation on their module. The module is complete with high-tension lines that provide power to the many electric locos that travel throughout the layout. If you look closely, you can spot a worker who gets a little too close to one of the transformers: his white hair is standing on end. This module also was changed in 2015 to enable double-track running. Also, a replica of the club members on a bus tour posing for a group photo is visible at the left-bottom of the picture above.

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2016-11-19 10.39.26

2016-11-19 10.39.41

2016-11-19 10.39.54
Next in line on the club layout is a country station built by member Zeke Sampson, followed by a module containing a city street complete with bicycle path, several buildings and a parking area that is used by commuters.  This module was added in 2016 by club member Mark Mervine.  Mike DePunte’s module follows and depicts a derelict manufactory and an abandoned ore mine, both of which are now boarded up (top to bottom above).

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2016-11-19 10.40.27

Adjacent to Mike’s depot are modules made by Glenn and Sue Reed and Mark Mervine. Glenn and Sue have included a viaduct bridge for trains to travel over a fast flowing river. Campers and fishermen are at play there. One young lady had been sun-bathing and is accidentally locked out of her camping trailer… oh oh!  Along with a change to accommodate double-tracking made in 2015, a suspension bridge was scratch-built by Module Manager Paul Bergman.  The last picture in the sequence above includes a working windmill made by club member Royce Thomas.

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2016-11-19 10.40.41 2016-11-19 10.40.57 2016-11-19 10.41.12

During the 2015 season, various club members conspired to update the two corner modules that connect the back portion of the layout with the long-established front section.  The corner modules previously contained a mountain that was problematic for operations and was replaced by a country village (pictures above).

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2016-11-19 10.42.01

Mike Haire and Zeke conspired to construct a 2-module station complete with a passing siding in each direction. The local gendarmes have stopped a red sports car and the driver is sure to receive a ticket for speeding. Welding in occurring in the machine shop while the smoke stack of the local brewery is signaling a new batch of Germany’s finest.

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2016-11-19 10.42.15

2016-11-19 10.42.38

Club president Barry Kriegsman’s city scene is next in the lineup. If you look closely, you can see that the fire department is busing attempting to rescue a kitten from a tree.

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2016-11-19 10.42.51 2016-11-19 10.43.05

2016-11-19 10.41.44

Club member Royce Thomas constructed several modules that complete the front layout loop.  The loop was enlarged with wide radii track to accomodate longer passenger cars in 2016.  It also includes a mountain with pass-thru tunnels that always fascinates viewers.  Module manager Paul Bergman devised a new sign to let observers easily locate our layout at train shows (final picture).

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IMG_4045a IMG_4044a

The new mini-module aptly name Bergbahn, meaning mountain railway, appears in the above pictures. This module stands alone and is yet under construction. Ultra lightweight materials were used in its construction.

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At every show where the club layout is displayed, visitors ask about how it is transported and set up. The above picture shows both our large and small trailers that have been fitted out to transport the modules safely and efficiently.

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