Springfield, MA, at The Amherst Rail Society Train Shows

At the Amherst Rail Society Train Shows, W. Springfield MA

January 2013 Gallery

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The club once again participated in the winter show in Amherst. The picture above illustrates a bit of the “calm before the storm”, as the show has not yet opened. Set up progresses carefully as members work to make the best presentation ever!


Club member Paul Bergman constructed a Country Identification Placque that proves helpful in informing viewers of the origin of operating trains. They are often difficult to distinguish for most viewers.

January 2012 Gallery
Once again the chapter hosted EuroEast 2012 while participating in the Amherst Railway Society’s annual train show and sale. This year’s show was particularly successful and reported to be better attended than has been in the case for the last eight years. We suspect the weather had something to do with it, but can only hope that our hobby is once again growing. Over 25,000 visitors came through the five building where module displays, vendors and seminars were set up.

The picture below shows one of our signs up against our special interest table. Here, those interested in learning more about ETE, our chapter, or even the hobby can interact with our members.

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28 Jan (5)a


This year the chapter introduced our new mini-module to the public. Several chapter members constructed a light-weight, easy to assemble and operate, module. Operations on the mini-module differ from our larger club layout in that this one operates in DCC mode utilizing 2-rail power. Our large layout operates in Marklin’s 3-rail, AC-based system. Scenery on both depicts typical European locales. The mini-layout appears below, as members Chuck Ashworth (left) and Zeke Sampson prepare the runs.

28 Jan (3)a


In addition to our large and mini-layouts, one of our members brought his own layout to display and run various types of European models and control systems that differ from the chapter’s. The picture below shows Lee Davy at the controls on his display. A small viewing area was set up behind him so that enthusiasts could pause and watch rail fan videos and how-to instructions.

28 Jan (4)a


In the picture below, member Melvyn Crabb discusses the operation with a spectator. At times, viewers were three-deep in front of our layout.

28 Jan (6)a IMG_4061a

Another new addition to our layout this year was a sign informing viewers of the origin of the models currently operating on our layout. Club member Paul Bergman hand-crafted the sign and included a special notice just for this show. Our chapter lost a long-time member earlier this month and we all agreed that an operation dedicated to Glenn Reed would be a fitting remembrance.

28 Jan (7)a

At the end of the show and just before leaving for home, our gang assembled for a class photo. It takes the work of many members and friends to set up, operate and re-pack after a show. We are very grateful for the help of everyone. We’re already looking forward to next year’s ARS show.


January 2010 Gallery
Our great experiment to host EuroEast 2010 was a huge success and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The event was held in conjunction with the Amherst Railway Society’s (ARS) huge annual hobby show in West Springfield MA on 30-31 January 2010. Thanks to a tremendous turnout of members, we were able to provide an interesting mix of exhibits and demonstrations that generated a great deal of enthusiasm and pleasure among the many visitors to our area of this grand train show. It certainly proved that hosting EuroEast as part of the ARS show can be successful.

Melvyn Crabb traveled from his home in the UK to join us at the show. In the photo below, Melvyn (foreground) oversees the initial operation of the club layout soon after the show opened on Saturday morning.


Thirty-seven chapter members and spouses had a busy but enjoyable weekend setting up and operating the chapter’s well-known modular layout, placed this year in the newly expanded Mallary Building. We had a great time running a variety of members’ locomotives and rolling stock representing various countries and eras; better yet, those who visited the EuroEast 2010 area appreciated all the hard work that had gone into the show. In the picture below, chapter member Mike Haire answers a question from an observer while operating the controls.


Show organizers reported that over 23,000 people attended the event, and it seemed like most of them visited our EuroEast 2010 exhibits! Even more gratifying was that visitors, whether hardened railway modelers or moms with young children, all seemed to enjoy our layout as well as the unusual trains. Unusual that is, to American eyes. They also appreciated the various small scenes on the layout – the brewery with smoking chimney, the cottage garden with sunflowers and pumpkins, bathers in the river under the railway bridge, and farm animals in the fields.

Brian Ferguson of the Central New York ETE chapter came from Albany NY to exhibit his delightful N gauge layout based on the DRG in Era II. This used Kato Unitrack, which seemed to this writer as a particularly fine trackage, with turnout motors mounted within the track bed without the unsightly trackside bulges prevalent on other N gauge track systems. Brian had an impressive terminal/through station on his layout with a fine train shed.

Our two children’s’ H0 layouts proved once again to be very popular with both children and parents. In the photo below, member Judy Avery is showing a youngster how to operate one of the “u-run-it” layouts. His reaction speaks for itself!

DSCN1511a DSCN1533a

Chapter member Lee Davy set up a small layout demonstrating digital control systems (Märklin and NMRA-DCC) in both H0- and N-scales, all driven by an ECOS control station. Lee also created the splendid ETE – EuroEast 2010 banner that so caught visitors’ eyes.

Chapter members Michael Corgan and Mark Mervine gave two presentations: Michael’s was on starting in modeling European railways; while Mark’s was on the history and operation of France’s TGV services. Both presentations were backed up by videos and were well received. We also showed a number of videos on Swiss railways. Despite the hard work, our members remained upbeat as can be seen in their smiles during this “photo op”. Pictured are (left to right), Chris Koellmer, Melvyn, Royce Thomas and Kurt Hilse.


We were delighted to welcome Gordon Davis of the Central New York ETE chapter, and Alan Todd (National President, ETE), who visited us with a number of their friends and colleagues.


January 2008 Gallery

After several year’s hiatus, the chapter again participated in the annual train show and sale sponsored by the Amherst Rail Society held at the “Big E” Eastern States Exposition Center. This event occurred over the weekend of January 26-27 2008 in Springfield MA. The show was a hugely popular regional event that typically draws crowds in the tens of thousands from the entire east coast. This year’s show lived up well to expectations and many were attracted to our chapter’s layout. Chapter member’s spent all day, Friday, January 25th, setting up the layout and readying for operations. Below are some of the candid shots taken during set up. Modules had to be carefully aligned, bridge tracks and catenary added, and scenery had to be “touched up” where minor wear and tear occurred during transport.

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AppleMarkMembers of the Chapter pose for a group photo prior to the show’s opening on Saturday morning.



They are (from left to right(; Mike DePunté, Barry Kriegsman, Roberta Kriegsman, Lee Davy, Carol Manz, Mike Haire, Glenn Reed, Peter Manz, Sue Reed, Melvyn Crabb (all the way from Surry, UK!), Kurt Hilse, Zeke Sampson, Judy Avery, John Avery and Royce Thomas.