Chuck Ashworth’s Layout Gallery

Club member Chuck Ashworth has been creating a basement layout for some time now and has roughly followed plans offered in an earlier issue of a Marklin magazine. Chuck is already making plans to enlarge his layout; something we all seem to do?? But here are some of the pictures of the layout as it is developing currently (2012).

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Ashworth Layout 001a


Ashworth Layout 003a

Here a Swiss Re460 is streaming through a station area with a heavy load of freight cars.

Ashworth Layout 004a

Chuck has incorporated a Faller Car System highway that is about to pass under the main in this picture and a waterway on his layout that also passes under the main.

Ashworth Layout 006a

The Swiss freight is delivering a load of new tractors in this shot as it passes a small freight forwarding office. Visit this site again in the future for some updated photos of his expanded layout!