Mike Haire’s Layout Gallery

A bird’s eye view of Mike’s layout appears below.  Having lived in Germany for a time during his stint in the service, Mike bought his first Marklin train set there and likes to model typical German scenes.

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1 - Bird's eye view of the layout

The regional train awaits passengers at the main station.

2 - The regional train waits at the stationBelow is a view of the main street leading past the main train station.

3 - Street view near the station


Passengers are waiting for the next train on the station platform below.

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4 - Passengers waiting at the station

Railroad workers are moving loads for shipment around on the loading dock, awaiting the freight train’s arrival.

5 - Workers handling goods at the freight office


The regional express train rounds a curve on Mikes layout, while a police vehicle is parked at the curb in a typical scene near the station.

6 - The regional train approaching the station

7 - It's busy at the gasthaus


A busy day at the gasthaus is another view one has while search for unique scenery on the layout.

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8 - Town Square near the train station

A commuter train is show passing though the fertile countryside below.

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9 - Commuter train traveling through the countryside

A working farm is shown below, complete with livestock and machinery.  The final picture shows hikers taking in the spectacular view near an early castle structure.

10 - Farm scene

11 - Wanderers taking in the view