Wilmington, MA, Greenberg’s Train and Toy Shows

At Greenberg’s Train and Toy Shows, Wilmington, MA

March 2010 Gallery

The chapter attended a Train Show sponsored by Greenberg’s Train Shows held over the weekend of March 27-28, 2010 in Wilmington MA. Club members worked hard to set up the display in time for the opening of the show early on Saturday morning. Some pictures taken before and during the two-day event appear below.

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Chapter members Mike De Punté, Mike Haire and Royce Thomas (left to right) do some checking of the layout with the new lamps that illuminate the added modules. Thanks to member Zeke Sampson for the supplies needed.

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IMG_1462a IMG_1458a

In the upper photo, member Karl Hilse (back to camera) and Ed Scheff (left) ready the children’s layout that has proven to be such a smash hit at train shows. Member Glenn Reed awaits anxious children before the start of the show.


The doors are open and interested observers line the aisle. Smart parents come equipped with step stools for children to use in order to see all of the interesting details of our layout.


Paul Bergman and Glenn have just launched another train consist from the ready track, while Mike (back right) adjusts the couplers when it reaches the main track.


Folks are seen admiring the catenary and other details of the station module.


Members Otto Lees and Sue Reed discuss what might be done to smooth out a rail joint between two of the modules.

P3270605a P3270604a

The two shots above show several of the modern-era passenger trains that made the circuit on our layout during the show. Another successful show and fun time was had by all! The picture below shows all the chapter members gathered for a group shot at the conclusion of the show.


March 2008 Gallery
Once again, the chapter attended the very popular Toy and Train show sponsored by Greenberg’s Shows held over the weekend of March 29 – 30, 2008. This event was held in the Shriner’s Auditorium just off of Interstate 93 in Wilmington MA. Throngs of people, young and old, turned out to view the chapter’s module display and to pick up some railroad bargains in the process. Some pictures taken before and during the two-day event appear below.

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Chapter members Mike DePunté (left) and Zeke Sampson work at installing “bridge tracks” and catenary prior to the opening of the show (top). Chapter President Barry Kriegsman, members Zeke Sampson and Justin Maguire (lower, left to right) work to set up a few fascinating rail cars at the chapter’s Public Information Center. The “Big Boy”, an American steamer complete with smoke generator and many sounds made by Märklin in Germany, several European ladle cars and an operating crane car were available for viewing. Literature about the ETE organization and our chapter was also available for prospective members.

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IMG_1171a IMG_1175a IMG_1174a

Above (top) is a close up shot of the welding shop located on chapter member Mike Haire’s station module. Miniature “welding sparks” appear randomly from the inside of the shed for effect. Chapter member Kurt Hilse is at the controls of the layout in the bottom picture.


Mike works to re-rail a locomotive consist that was running on the main layout, while interested onlookers watch the action (above).

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P1000533a P1000525a IMG_1178a

Chapter member sGlenn Reed (above) and Ed Scheff (below) assist young engineers at the controls of the kids layout. Thanks to the generosity of the family of the late Ed Macedo (for the trains to run) and member Zeke Sampson, the chapter now has a permanent kid’s layout that will travel with our main module display. Everywhere the kid’s layout has been used lately has proven to be a big hit!

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P1000539a P1000542a

An aspiring engineer (top photo) is either drooling about the fascinating passenger train that is literally running under his nose, or is visibly disapproving of it?? In any event, parents and children alike seemed to be drawn to our module display.

March 2007 Gallery
The chapter attended a Train Show sponsored by The Great Train Exposition (GTE, formerly Greenberg’s Train Shows) held over the weekend of March 24 – 25, 2007 in Wilmington MA. Once again, the club was fortunate enough to set up in the Fez room of the Shriner’s Auditorium. The Fez room is carpeted, with low ceilings that enhance the sights and sounds of the display. Early spring weather made for a great turnout and throngs of people, young and old, took the time to view the chapter’s module display. Some pictures taken before and during the two-day event appear below.

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Chapter members Zeke Sampson (left), Barry Kriegsman, Mike Haire and Royce Thomas (right, front to back) pause for a picture during set-up before the show is opened to the public.

P1030497 P1030493

There’s always plenty to do in preparation for a show, and here chapter member Mike de Punté (top photo) helps with bridge track and catenary installation.

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Chapter members Mark Mervine and Barry Kriegsman are no-doubt discussing plans for future additions to the module display behind the club’s Public Information Display table. On it were handouts of ETE-ENE information, samples of earlier forms of Märklin 3-rail AC tracks, video displays and other items of general interest to spectators.


On the left, from front to back, club members Zeke Sampson, Mike Haire and Kurt Hilse monitor the layout controls while on-lookers admire the operation from the front of the display.


At times, observers were three- and four-deep in front of the display. Most people were fascinated with the overhead catenary, one of the display’s many distinguishing characteristics.

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P1030516 P1030511

A few pictures (above) of the new modules, looking down on the elaborate viaduct and towards the coal tipple.

March 2005 Gallery

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Friday afternoon is setup time. Ed Scheff and Zeke Sampson begin the alignment process by moving each module into the sequence to be used for the show. Allan Wittner, a friend to the chapter, helped transport the modules to the show and is preparing the support legs for a corner module.

P1010173 P1010172
Operation begins on the layout with Mike Haire at the central computer. At the other end, Jeff Koellmer assists Mike with train alignment at the main station. The club uses the train control program Railroad & Co.. John Avery and Jeff answer questions from train fans unfamiliar with European railroading.